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Just a dream

Today I woke up with the remains of an amazing dream.
A dream that I wish that was reality all the time.
I really love clothes a lot, if I could I would go shopping and buying clothes all day. Unfortuately I’m not that rich (to be honest, not rich at all :)) , so buying clothes all day is not something that I can afford.
So in my dream I went shopping in a huge shope were all the clothes have special labels on it.
I remeber that I had an amazing swimsuit in my hand, a coat,…
It was a huge sale there, a sale that you want everyday, a sale that fashion lovers from all of the world would want.
When you buy one piece of clothing with a special mark, you get all of the other clothes that you want with that label on (like a red button for 50% off), you can take them all with you, for FREE!
How amazing is that?
Wouldn’t the shops be complete heaven when that rule was a worldwide rule? =)
Wouldn’t you be the girl with the largest closet in the world? I would! 😉
Unlucky me I woke up with no clothes (not that beautiful orange, white swimsuit) in my hand.
Just with the remains of that dream.
Do you guys sometimes dream about fashion, about shops or something else?
Or a dream that you wish that was real?
Xoxo Lien
Dream: dreamed by me 😉

2 gedachten over “Just a dream

  1. ohhh that sounds like an amazing dream… Actually i dont dream about shops and shopping but i DO dream about other stuff i cant have…haha like dating my crush! 🙂 Following your blog!!
    Much love, Gabriele. xx


  2. thanks sweety =)..
    Haha I know the feeling, I dreamed a lot about my crush and a year ago he became my boyfriend. So believe in your dreams, sometimes they DO come true 😉 =).

    I followed you back via Bloglovin (I'm not sure if it worked though, I just made it 😉 )



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