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Jeans short

Sometimes an outfit has to be simple, to be good.
Especially when you’re wearing a (cutted) jeans short.
I love this piece the most, when it’s just combined with a good neutral (black, grey, white) t-shirt and basic shoes.
 Eventually you can give it a little extra by adding a scraf (with skulls like in this picture), or a maxi handbag, but make it as basic as possible 🙂
Or combined with a chic blouse (+ wedges) , to make it more feminine and elegant 🙂

Everything basic, nothing special.
Just a normal outfit for a normal day in the week.

In my opininon, these two outfits show very good, how a basic outfit, can be really beautiful.

Source; stockholmstreetstyle

11 gedachten over “Jeans short

  1. Love this look! I am a fan of model off-duty outfits because it is really laid back and casual but still they look stunning!

    I followed you on GFC!
    Hope you follow back on GFC and Bloglovin! 🙂



  2. For those girls who can wear it, I really like the look (though I wouldn't recommend it for the office or something).
    I actually think, the shorts often are too short … so they're great for walking, but the girls seem to feel uncomfortable when they're sitting.

    My legs don't work with shorts (or anything shorter than my knees), so I won't try that look, but I like beautiful people with beautiful clothes 😉

    I hope you're able to go to Berlin some day! I really liked the city and the people's styles!


  3. You're absolutely right, for an office day it's really too short 🙂
    Indeed I know the feeling, something shorts really fit badly, and go up the whole time
    . If you understand what I mean. It's difficult to explain in English. =)

    Yeah I hope so, and that day you should really give me places to visit and places to shop 🙂



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