Big idea, small room






For me a great architect is not (only) the person who can design big houses, but is someone who can turn small rooms into something big, like this architect. Serge Anton did such an amazing job! He was able to fit al the well needed comfort in a 5 by 3 m room.

How amazing is that? Do you like this design?

Source: immoweb, design by Serge Anton


7 gedachten over “Big idea, small room

  1. Following u now!!! Follow back?
    As for the room the result is amazing even if I must confess that my dream house is way bigger! 🙂


  2. thanks sweety, for sure I follow ya back :p
    Haha mine too, I hope that someday I'm an owner of a big old cottage, that I'm able to convert :p

    But or now, I can only dream about it 🙂



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