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Sale shopping #2


Striped blouse: Vero Moda // Nude blouse: Only // neon yellow blouse: Zara // White dress: Vero Moda // Black & flower shorts: Pieces // Bikini: Pieces // slips: Pieces //
Last friday I posted about my sale purchases at the sea.
But as I mentioned, I also did some sale shopping in the shopping mall nearby Antwerp.
What’d you think?
Do you love them?
lots of love,

Ps: If you are curious, I put the prices + discounts below 😉

Striped blouse: €12,50 (original price: 16,95)
Nude blouse: €11 (original price: €14,95)
neon yellow blouse: €19,95 (original price: €29,95 I think, lost the price label :$)
white dress: €22 (original price: €29,95)
black & flower shorts: €8 each (€12,95 each)
Bikini: top: €8 (I think, lost the price label :$)
Bikini: bottom: €8 (original price: €12,95)
slips: €14,95 for 3 ( the 3rd one is one with lace (not shown in the pictures, for my bf eyes only, nothing special though ;)) ;), I’m sorry) (original price: €5,95 each)
the second slip started from the left: €3 (original price €5,95)


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