It’s always a good time

Hey sweeties,
today was a busy day for me. I studied amost whole day, my boy came to visit me, and during these two things, I painted a closet.
I was searching for a mini shoe closet for a long time now, and accidentaly I came across a dirty mini closet in the garage. So I cleaned it and painted it, and I like it so much 😉 ( pictures will come soon 😉 )
Back to this picture now, while surfing I came across this photo, and I absolutely love the summer vibe to it. It’s an old picture actually, but outfits like these are timeless
Jessica and Leighton are so well-dressed.  I love the relaxing clothes.
As you all know, I’m a great fan of jeans shorts (unfortunenatelly a lot of them became too small, but that’s oke. I now have a new good reason to shop again, haha 😉 ).
It’s so ideal for summer, a jeans short, a floral blouse, great sandals, and a hat, and you’re up to go 😉
Jessica’s outfit is more chic, but she made it more urban by adding flats instead of heels. She wears an ideal shop outfit 🙂
Do you like this picture?
Have a nice day!
Lots of love,

Source; justjared


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