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New in: last last sale purchases

Beige blazer: Jennifer //- Turquoise blazer: Pimkie //- T-shirt: Pimkie //- Blouse: Pimkie //- Skirt: cute little shop in Isle-sur-la-sorgue //- Wedges: same cute shop //- Flats: Scapino //- Bag: local market

Hey sweeties,
I bought this stuff around a month or so, but I forget to post them.
I found them back on my computer, and I thougt, why not post them after all? 😉

So here they are.
Tomorrow (If I find the time, in two days I have my first exam) I will post my new jewels 😉

Do you like them? What’s your favorite buy?

lots of love,
enjoy the sun 😉



Ps: as usual you find the discount prices below 😉

Beige blazer: €7,99 (original price: €29,99)
Turquoise Blazer: €20 (orginal price: €29,99)
T-shirt: €10 (original price: €14,99)
Blouse: €5 (original price €19,99)
Skirt: €22 (original price €33)
Wedges: €23 (original price €33)
Shoes: €9,99 (not on sales)
Bag: €20 (original price €25)

==> total cost: €117,98 
==> price without discounts: €185,96
==> win: €67, 98 = 37%  discount


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