OOTD (Mallorca): Back to summer paradise with you

Dress: market // Bikini: Pieces

Hey sweeties,
here is the first (really really easy =) ) oufit that I wore during my vacation trip.
I know it’s easy but it was really hot, so when we were planning to go to the beach, all I can stand, was just a thin little fabric.
So I just put on my little dress, and I was ready to go.

For me a beach outfit is something that you can easily put on, but is even more easy to put off.
So you can jump as quicky as possible in the sea. =)

So that’s exactly what I did, I took this pictures very quick (beautiful place don’t ya think?), and then almost run to the little beach.

What a beautiful place, don’t you think? I fell in love with Mallorca the moment that I saw the little bay, so I had to take pics even when the oufit was that easy. 🙂

I miss Mallorca so much 😦

Have a nice sunday.

Lots of love,



22 gedachten over “OOTD (Mallorca): Back to summer paradise with you

  1. Lovely dress and pics… Mallorca looks so beautiful and relaxing!!! 😀
    Of course I would love to follow each other 🙂 Im now following u on bloglovin and GFC ;D



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