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Christmas presents


Heey sweeties,

first I wanna say to you all: Merry (late) Christmas 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the festivities and that you ate a lot of super delicious food ;).
I hope you had some wonderful gifts from your beloved persons 🙂
But above all, I hope you just enjoyed being with your family, because after all they’re what matters in life 🙂
I had a wonderful time with my family, even when it was sometimes really sad. It was the first christmas without my wonderful grandma. I hope that wherever she is right now, she knows that I love her, and that I miss her like hell. And that I partied with her in my heart, and that I will never forget her.
But back to some good news, ;): yesterday was my first blog year anniversay 😉 yeeeeah 😉 Hip hip hurray 🙂
I know that I posted nothing for a while, but it was so heavy this semester, I really couldn’t keep up with all my school work. And sadly I really hadn’t much time left to work on my blog or do some other great stuff.
Now I have to study but I don’t have some little works to do, so normally I have time to post something 😉 yeaaah 🙂
But back to the pictures, Don’t you love the dress? I was craving for like ages for this dress, but never really bought it. I told my boyfriend a lot that I really really love that dress, and guess what, He ordered it for me on asos as a christmas present. (sadly I have to wait for its arrival for like a week 😦 ) How awesome is that :o.
I was so so happy.. Thanks again boyfriend, I really love it.
Beside that he gave me a really cute bracelet with a little heart, a cute bra, and some cute underpants 🙂
I was so happy, he gave me so much presents, I was really overwhelmed 🙂
thanks a lot again 🙂
My parents gave me a DVD, some bath products and some wool + pins 🙂 I asked for that so I could finally knit my own scarf. (let’s hope that it will work, it will be my first knit experience ;))
Did you get some nice presents? Let me know, I’m looking forward to read about it 😉
Lots of love;
Ps: The dress from asos is now on sales, if you want the same dress, check it out here
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