Since the weather isn’t really changing in Belgium, I really have to accept the fact that I have to wear more layers.

I ‘m not a big fan of winter clothes, I think it’s more difficult to dress fashionably in the winter then during Spring/summer. In these periods you can wear a nice shorts, some t shirts/ a nice white blouse, some heels/flats and a great handbag, and you’re ready to go. Or you can wear a dress with a vest above and some cute sandals, so easy and yet so fashionably.
During winter you have to wear that many clothes that you can look easly like a giant monster, haha If you know what I mean. So that’s why I refuse to wear a lot more clothes during winter.
Most of the time I just put a nice scarf to keep me extra warm, with a thick coat and soms nice boots.


But now it’s time to change.. These girls made my realise that you can really dress fashionably during winter. ( I know, the red one isn’t winterish, but I liked the color palette, so I put it also here)
These girls really came up with such a great ideas.
The first one put a faux fur beneath her jacket, looks so nice and such a great idea.
I really have to visit a vintage store and search one myself.
In the second picture she wore a leather jacket beneath her thick coat. Looks really warm and great.
The last picture is so great because of the assymetric, cosy, chaotic look. It looks so lay down and yet so chique.

Love it.
Do you like them aswell?

Hope you had a wonderful winterish day 😉

Lots of love,


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