INSPIRATION: online fashion

As every fashion blogger, I love to watch fashion blogs, streetstyle posts, or I look at the way people are dressed on the streets and that gives me lot of inspiration.
But where people don’t think of and that gives you a lot of inspiration as well, are sites where you can buy clothes. They usually style them from the bottom to the top, and sometimes they create super great easy outfits.
While checking out the new clothes for this season, I came across these created outfits.
I totally love them and I get tons of inspiration for new outfits.


The great advantage of these sites, are the fact that when you really love a clothing piece, you can buy it there and immediately get inspired to combine with several pieces.
For me it’s really handy.
Sometimes it even gives me inspiration for hair do’s or make up, for example the last pic.
I love here make up and hair styling. Great job!!

I found these ones on (bonprix.be). You should definitely check out there clothes. When you search well you can find lovely and really cheap clothes 😉

Do you get inspired by this pics?
Hope you had a wonderful day so far.
Lots of love,


Ps: sorry for all the symbols on the pics but I couldn’t take them away unless I had really small pics and that’s something I don’t like.. So I let it be like this

Source: http://www.bonprix-fl.be/


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