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Always be yourself

Two post on a day, and even two movie post, and even two movies made by Wendy.
You all probably think I’m a bit obsessed by movies of her 😉
Well I saw this little movie, and I just couldn’t let it go without posting it.
It covers such a nice message to the world. It made my completely emotional.

I recognized a bit of myself in this movie. During high school I always wanted to fit in, be a popular girl, never dared to dress how I really wanted to dress.
Since university I started to feel a little more confident and started to wear what I wanted to wear.
People often think while shopping that I have a ‘strange/lovely’ style. Clothes that they don’t dare to wear, are the ones that I love to wear. For example I have really big fuzzy leopard gloves.
First they where impressed that I even bought then, but now they’re completely in love with them.

So what I wanted to say to you guys, always be yourself, trust in who you are and in your own style
I know it isn’t easy, (I really find it difficult myself), but we are great just the way we are 🙂

Lots of love,


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