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inspic #1: Cute shorts

In Belgium the weather is starting to change (jeeej), so I’m officialy starting to think about summer clothes ( I was thinking about them for a while, but in dreams, now it’s for real and I can actually wear them). I’m looking forward to wear dresses, skirts, shorts without tights, and with sandals or flats without frozen feet 😉

When I looked for inspiration at collagevintage (check out her blog here), I came allong some really nice summerinspiration (I will name the categorie from now on: inspic)..

I love the cute red striped shorts, combined with a withe blouse and glitter sandals. Beside the glitter flats, you probably think that it’s a little typical but I like it that way. White blouses are the most versitale pieces, and there so easy to combine. You just wear one, and you’re good to go 😉
The fact is that she makes it special by adding nice accesoires, and by making a nice hairdo. The little bun gives it a little extra cutiness 😉

The other reason why I like those pics, is because of the town where they are taken. It’s in Aix-en-provence. One of my favorites towns in the Provence (Sud-France).  (Montpellier and Isle-sur-l-sorgue are also in my top three)
In one month I’m going back to the provence, and of course I will visit Aix again. 😉
First surviving this lovely exams (uhum), and that it’s finally time to take off..

Have a nice sunny evening.
As always, love yout guys!!!

Lots of love,



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