A thing called love

 A thing called love.

It’s funny how people have different opinions, views and acceptations about love.
It’s something that exists in every language, time zone and even in every time area.
It’s something common, shared, yet unwknowned

At the time of my grandparents you meet someone, get to know each other, get married and stay together. Sometimes you get lucky and actually meet the love of your life, sometimes you fight to make the best out of it.
I never saw more pure love in my life than my oldest grandparents shared. Even at the most awfull time with a sickness called Alzheimers they took care of each other, looked like each other like nobody could ever share their love..
But does it actually exists pure, undefined,love? The thing that my grandparents shared was it an ‘unicum’? Do we have to strive for perfectness or accept that there isn’t something like that? So that fairytales are been made to believe in something extraordaniry and have just been created to give us a way to escape the world for a few moments?

I don’t know, maybe I’m naive or too young to understand a thing called love, or even a thing called thé love. Well at least that’s something what I’ve been told everyday. That I’m only 22, so too young to understand everything. 
To be honest, I think it’s bullshit. There ‘re people of my age who party all night long just for looking for a night of pleasure and settle for nothing less than that. Everybody needs some intimity, some feeling that you’re pretty, needs some who forfills their lust. So I’m the last person to judge that. There’re people who say and believe that they want to be alone. But even then..

Everybody wants to be loved, to have somebody at their side where they can rely on, to feel great, to feel accepted for who they’re, even at the age of two. When I’m looking at my PE kids, they even search for love and to be loved. They want to be the greatest and be the person who tells the coolest stories.They want everybody to like them. I love their world because they think with their emotions, with their senses, with their believes , their cognition comes secondly. I think it’s a world from which we can learn a lot. They are a bit egoistic but strive for their best. If they believe in princesses, nobody could hold them from the idea, they dress like one and think even believe that they actually are one.

It’s something what I should integrate in my life. So from now on, if somebody says that I’m too young for love and that lots of boys will pass, I stand up for myself and believe in my thing. Yes I’m a perfectionist and need to slow down, but why choose for something less in love? You share your whole live with that person, have to be with him/her everyday. You have to pass storms to see rainbows at times. You get trough loss and sickness together. Maybe you even show your love by making kids, why settle with someone who you like instead of someone you adore?

I’ve been trough hell because I’ve been heartbroken more than once, I only had two loves, you can say that’s not many, but even then.. I experienced what love is, what pretending to be loved is.
I really hope, maybe that’s why I’m writing this, or maybe just because I’m feeling so, or a specific person gives me the inspiration to write this, or maybe just because I needed to practice my English writing, I really honestly hope with all my heart that all the people who are in my situation -rather die than go to this awfull feeling called ‘heartbroken’- that we still  believe in more, in something great, and undefineable..

Why settle with someone because she/he ’s just a nice person who I can share a ground with? Why live with a person who’s OK, when there’s maybe a person who can knock you out of your feet and blow you away? Who make sandcastles with you instead of just lying on the sand and nothing more? Who take risks, put everything on hold, just to be with you… Who gives you a life with waves instead of a flat, open sea. Who wants to search for forest even when you just want a tree… Someone who holds your hand and takes you to Japan or even New- Sealand when you have the most terrible fear of flying. Who wakes up every morning and thanks God or some naturale force because he’s lucky enough to share the bed with you? Who gives you the most passionate nights and ends with the most sweet love. Who finds your cry the cutest thing in the world and don’t hesistate to give you a hug.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, a believer, and unrealistic achiever, but well..
From now on I don’t settle for less than
a thing called love (at least I’m trying to)

And I really encourage you to do the same.
In the meantime I send you a thing called…



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