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Me-Made-May week 3 Overview

I’m sorry, I’m a little bit to late with this overview. I had some past hectic days.
This week is by far my favorite MMM week. I love the outfits.
I’m curious what you think? Are you still hanging on?
DAY 15

PATTERN: June Dress by La Maison Victor
FABRIC: €5/m de Pauli
DAY 16

PATTERN: Jazmin Vest by La Maison Victor
FABRIC: Coupon de Pauli
DAY 17

PATTERN: Patrones
FABRIC: market @ Bruges
DAY 18:

PATTERN: selfmade using Pjs
FABRIC: €5/m de Pauli
DAY 19:

PATTERN: old Burda from Grandma
FABRIC: €3/m Tsjiep Oostmalle
DAY 20:

PATTERN: Astoria sweater by Seamwork magazine (Colette Patterns)
FABRIC: coupon de Pauli
DAY 21:

PATTERN: Harlequin dress by La Maison Victor (lengthed as a midi dresss)
FABRIC: de Pauli
What do you think? I made lot of clothes from La Maison Victor, it’s a Belgian sewing magazine! 
I’m really proud that it’s made in Belgium, because it’s a really good and handy magazine. They use lots of drawings so it’s easy to follow.


Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I really appreciate it :) I will do my best to answer every single one of them ;) ♥ Lien

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