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Charlotte tunic

Hey there
For the first time in my sewing carriere I was selected to be a pattern tester and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I felt so honored to test the Charlotte Tunic by KZJO’s studio.
During the process I had to overcome lots of struggle not because of the pattern, but because I wanted to make my very FIRST own bias binding.
I ordered a bias binding maker online, but it only arrived today.
I used it for the first time but I honestly don’t understand why I didn’t buy it before!!
It’s so nice!!
In a few steps you make lovely fitting bias tape. So happy that I learned this new skill.
So for me this make included lots of ‘first times’.
About the tunic:
I made a size 8 and didn’t make any changes at all.
Maybe next time I will shorter it in because I liked the ‘tucked in’-look more. It suits my style more.
I combined the tunic to ways: the chique way: with jeans and heels & the easy/comfy/festival way: vintage levis 501 shorts + allstars.
I hope you like the photo’s.
You can check out more photo’s from this tunic or from the other new great patterns HERE.
Thanks Kasie for giving me the change to test this wonderfull pattern!
If you’re looking for a flowy, easy top/tunic I would definitely recommend it!!












PATTERN: Charlotte Tunic – Kzjo studio
SIZE: 8 (no alternations)
FABRIC: soft voile cotton (€5/m de Pauli Leuven)

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