Me-Made-May: Week 2 overview

week 2 overview

De tweede week is weeral voorbijgevlogen! En wat een weer was het toch :o. Schitterend gewoon! Daarom zie je heel veel kleedjes, en mijn melkflessen van benen ;). Heel veel blauwtinten ook blijkbaar, hoewel dit absoluut niet bewust was. Hoe viel jouw week mee? Deed je ook mee met mmm16?

The second week  once again has flown by! And what weather. Thank God!!  That’s why you see lot of dresses and my milk bottles of legs appearing now;). Many blue tones too apparently, although this was absolutely not on purpose. How was your week? Did you join mmm16 as well?


DAY 8:


// PATTERN: Old burda dress //
// Fabric: thesweetmercerie //

DAY 9:


// PATTERN: Turia dungarees – Pauline Alice Patterns //
// Fabric: thrifted jeans fabric ( de Kringwinkel Leuven //

DAY 10:



A touch of gold makes every simple outfit more chic 😉

// PATTERN: Inaritee dress – Named Clothing //
// Fabric: de Pauli Leuven //

DAY 11:



Akward pose 😉

// PATTERN: FREE Ruby dress- Love sewing magazine //
// Fabric: thrifted (de kringwinkel Leuven)//

DAY 12:


Trying to keep my head high and walk forward after a difficult day. 

// PATTERN: Kim dress- Byhandlondon //
// Fabric: thrifted (de kringwinkel Leuven) //

DAY 13:


Friday the 13th of May. Had my portion of bad luck as well ;(

// PATTERN: June jurk/dress- La Maison Victor //
// Fabric: €5/m stof de Pauli Leuven) //

DAY 14:


// PATTERN: FREE Veronika skirt- Megan Nielsen Patterns //
// Fabric: thrifted (de kringwinkel Leuven) //

En wat vind je ervan? Heb je deze week ook zoveel kleedjes gedragen?

And.. what do you think? Did you wear as many dresses as me this week?



Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I really appreciate it :) I will do my best to answer every single one of them ;) ♥ Lien

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