Hey there, welcome on my blog

I’m Lien, a 23 year old (sometimes crazy 😉 ) girl from Belgium.
I really love fashion and to sew my very own clothes preferably with vintage/thrifted fabrics. Beside that I study physical education, love home decoration, thrifting, travelling, my friends, …

‘Over the heels and far away’ will be about many things. Going from heels (fashion), sewing, favorite things, inspiration, home deco, to subjects far away!

I started this  blog in december 2012 as a way of sharing my thoughts and inspiration.
It’s such a good way to express your emotions, and cetera. Anno 2016 it mostly contains posts about my sewing makes. On my blog I would love to share with you everything that inspires me, everything that I came along in my journey. Feel free to step in and follow 🙂
 If you have questions, kind request,.. feel free to place a comment or contact me.
I love to hear from you
 Thanks for stopping by!
 Email: xcocolienx@hotmail.be
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